How The Quarantine Can Actually Be a Silver Lining for Influencers

Updated: Apr 10

Luckily, Quarantine and Social Distancing Doesn’t Apply Online. Everyone for the most part is in this quarantine boat with you, and have to take extra safety precautions right now no matter where they live. This means a couple different things for you as an Influencer. And spoiler alert, this is actually pretty positive news for a change.

You have a voice in a potentially larger pool of people

If you are talking about the current global pandemic in any way on your social media platforms and how it relates to you, your niche, or your industry, then you’re now expanding your range of potential new followers. By adding another high-traffic topic to your content circle, you’re increasing the ways people can discover you. This is a happy accident but not something to take advantage of (basically, just don’t be a fear monger to capture new audiences).

Now that you’ll have the attention of more people, think about what you’ll do to make the most of it. How can you be serving them right now? It will be a balance between the positivity and reassurance they need to hear from you during this time of crisis and what they want in order to feel some sense of normalcy. Not to mention, you want these new people to actually STAY with you after the crisis has passed. For example, if you are constantly posting about the quarantine, sharing photos about how bored you are, and that you’re outraged by the empty shelves at the raided grocery stores, that may cause you to lose the magic of WHY they should follow you long term. It’s great to post SOME tips and helpful quarantine-related content, but continue to post the type of content you’re known and loved for so that you maintain a strong social identity that will weather this storm.

Your engagement rate is likely to rise during this time

This is bittersweet, but the amount of people either not working or working from home actually yields a much higher rate of screen time. In plain english instead of algorithm wizardry, that means there are more people engaging on the app in general while they’re stuck inside. And the chances that your content will be seen and engaged with more frequently are a lot higher because of it. Whether this increase will be significant enough to really boost your whole account remains to be seen, but we do know that people are bored out of their minds and you have a lot higher chance of getting people’s attention on social media.

You have the attention of more brands

It’s pretty wild that so many brands are changing the way they market and do business almost over night because of the pandemic outbreak. But the fact that businesses are turning to online-only methods of sales and marketing means there is even more opportunity for you than before to offer your reach, providing a solution to them in this time of need with Influencer marketing. They need to keep their doors open (even if that’s just digitally), and people still need to find products and services that meet their needs. You are the connector and you’ve got the ability to more easily land brand deals and secure opportunities in this kind of an economic climate.

Believe it or not, brands and audiences need you now more than ever. It’s not that you’re taking advantage of Brands’ desperation to sell, it’s that you’re lessening the gap for them between business as usual and shutting everything down, even if that’s just by keeping the name of Brands you partner with top of mind for people. And all those new products you’re dropping mentions on in your stories as you share about your quarantine activities and comfort items… think about how those mentions could turn into relationships and eventually sponsorship deals for you.

There should now be more brands on YOUR radar as well! Don’t forget, you can reach out, connect, and cultivate new relationships with Brands you believe in. Small businesses in particular are taking a disproportionate blow from the effects of this pandemic. If you can support them right now as well as your audience, do it! If you aren’t sure how to go about pitching yourself, especially in extenuating circumstances like the ones we’re faced with now, check out THIS POST where I give some hot tips for you. Everything you need to know from properly researching the brand and it’s goals, to properly presenting what you have to offer is all covered in THIS PITCH TEMPLATE. Be sure to snag that for yourself so that you don’t miss out on the rewards of good networking while we’re all barricaded in our homes for the foreseeable future.

About the Author

Katherine Pereda is the Founder and CEO of The Influencer Grapevine, a boutique Influencer Marketing agency based in South Florida. Her clientele list ranges from luxury houses such as Gucci, Roberto Coin, Acqua di Parma, Vacheron Constantin, Jitrois Paris, Cartier LatAm, and Jimmy Choo to beauty, home design, fashion, lifestyle, and wellness companies like Maisons Du Monde, Tampax + Always PURE, Home Made Simple by Procter & Gamble, Target, MintedLeaf CBD, and Agnes & Dora. Katherine has also worked extensively in experiential marketing for WantedDesign, New York Fashion Week, DesignMiami/, Glossier, Create & Cultivate, Miami Swim Week, Funksion Fashion Week, and Art Basel Miami. Now specializing in talent management, and brand campaigns, she helps influencers and businesses from all over the world gain exposure, connections, and collaborations to build lifelong relationships. 


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